“Excellent course!  I thought I was qualified to be an effective mediator simply based on my 40 years’ experience… I was wrong! This training course opened my eyes to legal, ethical and practical issues that I probably wouldn’t have learned other than the hard way. Most importantly, the course instructor was well-qualified, knowledgeable, energetic and entertaining.”

“A very helpful presentation. Instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining.  Glad I took the course."

"Well done seminar. Highly recommend Cooper Shattuck.”

“Great course! Cooper is a fantastic mediation trainer. He gave both the nuts and bolts of becoming a mediator, but more importantly how to be an effective mediator.”

“Cooper Shattuck did a great job. He had a wonderful command of the subject matter. The experience was practical. Role playing aspect of seminar was very constructive.”

“This was an excellent course. The role-playing was particularly helpful; and switching partners was great for getting to know people in the class. Thanks for a great class and a productive three days!”

"I will recommend this course to other individuals looking to become mediators."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this training.  The instructor was easy to listen to and gave the appropriate amount of breaks, so that I didn’t feel totally disconnected."

"Great class. Lots of insights into issues which are likely to come up frequently."

"Absolutely wonderful class! Best 20 hours I’ve spent!"

"Love the instructor, the facilities, and the course matter."

"Excellent and enjoyable!"

"On pace, on time."

“The course has real meat on the bones.”

"Top notch instruction and excellent materials, plus the exercises helped keep us interested and engaged."

"Very enjoyable and informative two and a half day seminar."

"The role plays were an excellent learning experienced. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to really practice a virtual mediation. The instructor's personal experiences with mediation were helpful in illustrating the basic principles we learned in the class."

“I believe this course will help me negotiate better at a mediation, when participating as a party. ”

“Extremely well done and looking forward to applying the information learned.”

“Cooper is an amazing, engaging teacher.”

“I got more out of this CLE/training than any one I’ve ever attended.”

“Enjoyed the content and the role playing.”

“This course provided good information and the rules, but went further; it offered practical application and we were able to practice and try out techniques.”

 “Great instructor with a relaxed setting.”

“The role plays were great opportunities to apply what we were hearing and discussing.”

“The course and instructor were outstanding.”

“Great training!”

“This was amongst the best of the CLEs that I have attended.”

“This course was practical, informative, and interesting.”

 “The size of the class and the expertise of the instructor were both positive factors favoring learning.”

“Cooper used scenarios which were everyday issues.”

“The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging.”

“The role-playing exercises were particularly helpful in understanding the process and best practices.”

“Awesome — thanks!”

“Educational, thoughtful, informative, and instructive.  Many, many thanks!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained much knowledge.”

“Phenomenal job!”

“Cooper had wonderful stories about mediation and negotiation.”

“The role plays were excellent.”

“The course and instructor were very informative.”

“So much better than I feared for a 20-hour course.”

“The role plays were an excellent way to understand the role of a mediator and of course the rules and expectations.”

“Very useful.”

“Very, very good.”

“Great job!”

“Far better than I expected.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Who said you can’t teach an “old dog” new tricks?  I learned a lot during the course.  Highly recommend.”

“Excellent!! I learned a lot and you kept me engaged.”

“Great instructor.  Very helpful.”

“This training was extremely valuable!  The insights gained will help me to be more effective in mediation, both as an advocate and as a mediator.”

“Course exceeded my expectations.  Cooper kept the course interesting, engaging and relevant.  I am very impressed with the Bryant Conference Center.  Parking, Technology, beverages, food and the classroom were excellent!”

“Great program!  Best CLE I have been to thus far.  I learned a tremendous amount about mediation and feel I now have enough knowledge to feel confident to be a mediator, even as a newer attorney.  Also, I have enjoyed getting to know other attorneys that I can reach out to for questions I may have.”

“Great class!”

“The course was very helpful.”

“The training was excellent from start to finish.”




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